Holy Cow!

We made it! We’ve been in India less than 48 hours yet we both feel years wiser. So far we’ve learnt:

* Anyone can have a sticker with ‘Official India Tourism Office’ on it, the real one is the place where staff ignore you and are relatively unhelpful.

* The light and sound show at the Red Fort could have been rigged up by Ben’s brother. When he was 14.

* Road rules? What road rules? Beep as loud as you can and enjoy the ride!

* If you don’t feel covered in dust you’re not trying hard enough.

*The more people try and direct you away from somewhere the closer you are to the real place.

* If you want the right directions, ask the machine-gun wielding army guys.

* Booking a train ticket is never as easy as it seems.

But most of all just to go with the flow!


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