Ben and I on the rooftop restaurant that overlooks the Mehrangarh Fort.


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  1. not a bad looking shack on the hill…must have taken quiet a few years to build,hard to imagine what it would have been like there back then

    • yep, it is pretty nice. It was built by successive maharajas over a couple of centuries, each adding their own parts. They were Rajput princes over this part of India during the Mughal period, when Muslim rulers ruled from what is now Pakistan. This area is now calkled Rajasthan after the Rajput guys. The Mughals never conquered this part of India despite laying seige to this fort a couple of times. There was actually a flourishing of art, religion and culture which was really interesting to look at in the fort- a mixture of hindu and muslim ideas, a bit like the european renaissance with italy and stuff.

      Anyways, hope you had a good NEw years!

      lots of love from b and b

    • Ben says thank you for the cardigan affirmation, it’s much needed. Cardigan is new from Old Delhi, only $12! (and apparently wool, but not really.)
      Hope you guys had a lovely new year and Christmas.

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