#Learning to love the audio tour at Mehrangarh Fort

We woke up this morning in Jodhpur and after filling up on a breakfast of muesli and porridge we headed off to visit Mehrangarh Fort. The foundation for the fort was laid in 1459 by Rao Jodha. It has been built upon by all the different maharajahs of the time. Entry included an audio tour which the lonely planet guidebook also recommended. We were a bit skeptical but it turned out to be really fantastic and a great way to learn about the history of the fort. It was even so well organised that there was even a specified path to follow around the fort (shock, horror!). I’ll post some pictures up in a moment. One thing Ben and I have noticed is whenever we go sightseeing at these places the other Indian tourists ask us for photos. At first we thought they wanted us to take a picture, but no, they wanted ben or I to be IN the photo! I constantly feel like a celebrity (or slightly creeped out) with all the kids waving to me or being stared at.

#Posting a letter

We posted a parcel the other day back home but forgot to write about it and have just posted another that reminded me to write. The postage system here is uncoordinated and confusing to say the least. I pity those who don’t have hours to spare. First, you have to have your parcel wrapped in fabric and stitched up and wax melted stamps put on by a professional post-wrapped. In Delhi he was sitting out the front of the office but in Jodhpur we ended up down some alleyway with a man of many talents (parcel wrapping, bus/train booking, gem selling). After the parcel is wrapped you try to find which attendant is serving people. There are generally two or three staring at the wall and a big crowd (not line) is gathered around one. This is most likely the one you need to go to. You then need to push and shove to get to the front to most likely be told that no, you buy stamps from booth one (man counting money) and then send international from booth four. When booth four had finished serving the customer in front he began counting his money. Elbowing the 5 women beside me trying to push their parcel through the booth hole, after 10 minutes he finished counting and served me. Postage, India style.


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