From Octopussy’s lair to delicious sweets

We’ve spent the last four days in Udaipur, exploring the sights, eating food, shopping and relaxing. Udaipur is a lovely town set around a big lake with a very large, well-known palace right on the lake. We visited the palace the other day where I did (yet another) audio tour. The next day we visited the Maharana’s Car Collection (Dad, you would have loved it). Then we hired a motorbike and drove out to the Tiger Lake and up to the Monsoon Palace.

Easy Riders in Udaipur on our way up to the Monsoon Palace (featured in James Bond Octopussy).Octopussy's Lair

The current Maharana of Mewar (the royals in Udaipur) (awesome beard).

The Maharana's Rolls Royce

Gulub Jamun


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