Perfectly predictable and acceptable auto rickshaw transaction

Ben: Dehli Gate, do you know it?

Driver: Incomprehensible head wobble.

Ben: (producing map and pointing) Delhi Gate

Driver: ( After a long consideration of the badly photocopied local map) Ahh! Delhi Pol! Yes yes. I take you.

Ben: How much?

Driver: 100 rupees.

Ben: No, too much. We paid 50 rupees yesterday.

Driver: Ok ok, not me, not you, 70 rupees.

Ben: 50 rupees.

Driver: Ok, special morning price, 60 rupees.

Bohdana: (Standing in background listening impatiently).Mmmm…

Ben: (internally converting to dollars and shrugging) ok ok.

Bohdana: (in a low firm voice under the din of the clanging two-stroke) I can’t believe we just paid sixty rupees, its totally only worth 30 rupees.

Ben: (already switching off) Yeah I don’t mind too much, it’s only twenty cents difference and he rents the rickshaw and fuel is expensive. We’re injecting stimulus into the local economy, putting food on his plate.

Bohdana: (something Ben hears only indistinctly)

Ben: Check out that guy selling Bananas!

Bohdana: Yeah but that’s not the point, if the journey…(some other things Ben hears only indistinctly)

Ben: Want to get some Bananas?


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