Small pictures make up the big picture

Ben having a rest on the overnight train to Agra from Udaipur.

Ben with our homestay family in Agra: Mr Singh and his two grandchildren.

Our rickshaw driver in Agra, Rama.

Above: Bohdana at the Baby Taj. It was built before the Taj Mahal and is the tomb of the grandfather of Mumtāz Mahāl, the wife of mugal emperor Shāh Jahān, who built the Taj Mahal.Below: Our first photo at the Taj Mahal...a fairly foggy day...

Obligatory Taj Mahal photo of Ben and I

Shoe covers to enter the Taj Mahal. classy.


Benj having a little rest on the Taj Mahal. He later was told by the security guard he could sit but not sleep here.

At Fatehpur Sikri, a city created in 1570 by Mugal leader Akbar. It was incredibly beautiful and despite refusing guides numerous times we actually eventually ended up taking a tour guide, a fellow name Muhammed Ali . He spoke fantastic english, knew a lot (he'd been working as a tour guide for 30 years) and insisted on taking Ben and mine photo at every place!

Ben has seen this truck a few times and finally got a photo.

Akbar's tomb







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