Sangam in Allahabad

Stopping a cycle rickshaw for the fourth time to ask for directions from someone who is literate and/or speaks English

Dana stopping for a chai and deciding to eat in rather than take away

Some battered cheese on a bun. Mmm mmm mmm mmm it's mac time..."

A Krishna display on the way to Sangham. Pilgrims were stopping here to be blessed before moving down to the ghats.

Pilgrims going for a freezing pre-dawn dip.

A view of the bathers from the bow of our boat at the holiest point in the river, where the streams meet.

Bohdana and our boat guy. The boats in the background are moored to allow pilgrims to bathe right at the confluence. We stopped there and Dana was hustled into a ceremony that almost cost her a lot of money.

Sunrise over the Ganges, and a girl you might know.

More sunrise. There were crowds of bathers on every bank, for as far as we could see.

The view from our boat of pilgrims taking their holy dip. The police and army had set up temporary ghats with bamboo poles and were acting as life guards; few Indians seem to be able to swim.

After taking the holy dip, Hindus give money for good karma. As you walk away from the river there are lines and lines of beggars waiting to take these spare coins. Many were horribly disfigured, a very confronting sight.

Bohdana enjoying some more chai. The stove in the background has been ingeniously crafted from a metal bucket and some muddy clay. It burns dried cow dung.

The local bathroom. Although Bohdana was desperate at the time she resisted. There were actually some guys walking around with shovels and buckets, obviously employed to clean up after the visitors.


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