Wedding Crashers in Faizabad

We travelled from Varanasi to Faizabad, about 4 hours away. Ben is writing about our time there now but I wanted to tell you about our evening adventures.

After visiting Ayodhya during the day we retired to our hotel room for room service and kindle reading for the evening, we were feeling pretty exhausted. We noticed outside our hotel window was a big tent with fairy lights and decorations all around it and discovered it was a wedding.

The wedding venue

Later after dinner we wondered why there were so many car horns beeping, as it was a fairly quiet town. Looking out the window we saw a HUGE line of cars (all parking in the middle of the road, hence the beeping). The wedding had started! We went down for a sticky beak and took some photos, there was music and fireworks and dancing. Ben then wanted to get changed into something a bit fancier ‘just in case’ we were invited in.

When we went back down we were doing some more photos and filming when the brother-in-law of the groom spotted us and made us join in the procession, dancing and drumming it’s way towards the venue up the road. He invited us in and made us eat all kinds of delicious curries, deserts, fruit, icecream (all this after we’d already had our dinner!).  We didn’t have to eat again until the following afternoon we stuffed ourselves so badly- it was obviously important to them that we tasted everything, so we did!

Without the bride and groom present, we were the main attractions and there were dozens of people unashamedly staring at us while we ate, but in a friendly way. There are now about a dozen Indian boys with photos of Bohdana in their phones, taken either with permission or without!

It was interesting to see, there were about 1000 people there but many people were coming and going. On the edge of the tent was a big buffet so everyone was stuffing their face (this was at about 10pm) and chatting. After eating as much as we could we sat down and at about 11.45pm the groom came out and sat on the couch on the middle of the stage. Then about 10 minutes later the bride came out. It was weird because everyone was talking and chatting and no-one was really paying attention to the bride and groom. They swapped flower garlands and that was that part of the ceremony done!

The bride and groom.

We were then told the next two hours were photographs, almost everyone at the event wanted a photo with the bride and groom. We chatted for a while then headed back to our hotel room. So that was our Indian wedding crashers experience!

Ben and I looking fancy at the Indian Wedding


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