A few photos from Nainital

Not much to tell about Nainital really, it is a resort town/hill station built mostly by the British and set around a volcanic lake. A nice place to relax. Cold.

We’ve eaten well, paddled a boat around the lake and taken a horse ride. Tomorrow we’re off back to the big smoke and on our way home shortly after that, the end has come so soon! This has been a nice way to end the trip, it feels like a weekend away from India.

See you all soon!

Nainital lake, from our hotel room

The Himilayas from the lookout above the town. We were lucky to get a clear day!

Dana trying her hand at rowing. She didn't get the hang of sculling with the oars that crossed over and left the rowing to her able boyfriend.

Dana lookin' pretty, pretty touristy... It took us ages to convince the boat guy to let us have it on our own, even though this is perfectly normal. I think he was afraid of missing out on his fee. He conned us out of a few dollars anyway.

Me working hard enough to take off my coat and jumper, exposing dorky thermals and shirt.

Some Tibetan guys cooking up the best dumplings and chow mein in the world. More than you can eat for less than a dollar and very popular with the Indian tourists. Free Tibet!

A wicket falls in a local cricket match, played in picturesque surrounds in front of the local mosque. Full value for your shots in this outfield!

A short stop on our horse ride to check out some unmelted snow.

At the peak above the town, halfway through our horse ride, trying not to fall backwards to our deaths.

On our trusty white steeds, and a ubiquitous pile of rubbish. Queue lord of the rings music.

*Please note: it is about 5 degrees here so please excuse Bohdana looking like a mega-dork in all of these photos. Mum (Gabrielle) I caught sight of myself in the mirror the other day and jumped out of my skin because I thought you’d come to visit! Not that that is a bad thing…


4 responses

  1. Great photos guys! I especially like the one of you both on your white horses. Looks like a nice relaxing place to wrap up the travels.
    Pete and Clare

  2. Sir Lancelot with Maid Marion!
    Yes Bohdana, when I see photos of you I sometimes think i am looking at myself too.
    Great relaxing place before the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Sydney.xxxxx

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